Meet the Band

The Glue Factory plays folk rock and classic rock and blues in an Americana style.  We have fun finding and playing well-crafted songs that appeal to audiences of all ages.  It’s the kind of music that has been played on front porches and around kitchen tables and has stood the test of time.

The band was formed in 2012 when three guys who work together at an adhesives company (hence the name) got together to jam a bit on weekends. Friends joined in and before we knew it we had a real band.

The Glue Factory is:


Scott Howard

Guitar, mandolin, harmonica and vocals

From Harvard MA, Scott has played guitar for friends and family for many years.   A founding member of The Glue Factory, Scott has picked up other instruments along the way to help shape the TGF sound. 

Bob Conroy

Lead Guitar and vocals. 

A Lunenburg , MA resident that loves to play guitar! 
He has taught for several years.



Drums and Percussion

Scott Grossman


Scott is from Harvard MA and has been playing piano for friends
and family for 40 years. 
He is an original member of The Glue Factory. 
His inspiration comes from all the rock and country legends of the piano.